Butcher Wars Deutschland UG is organizing an inveterate competition with the current butcher world champions on April 7, 2024 at the BBQ Days in Stuttgart. The search is on for the best butcher and up-and-coming butcher in Germany. You will have the opportunity to showcase your talent and skills on stage. The whole thing will be accompanied by cameras via live stream on the usual social media platforms.

What you have to do

  • Present a Saddle of Port (centerpiece of pork -chop with belly and fillet incl. head) ready for the counter
  • So: boning / cutting, arranging and decorating
  • You have 25 minutes to do this

Two categories for participation

  • The Over All Champion (for butchers at least 23 years old)
  • Young Champion (for butchers under 23 years old)

No winner without a prize:

  • Get your prize money:
    1. Platz 500 €
    2. Platz 300 €
    3. Platz 200 €
  • Get a goodie bag from Giesser by taking part!
  • The meat, you prepare is yours!
    Take it with you for a proper BBQ!

Use our channels and reach for your personal marketing and be the face of your butcher's shopUse your skills to dispel all consumer prejudices and fight for transparent artisan quality.

Participation costs EUR 99 per person.

Further information

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